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Welcome to the KLEA website.

The Kyle Police Employee Association was formally recognized on April 7, 2011 by the Texas Secretary of State. The KPEA was formed with the legal assistance of the TMPA (Texas Municipal Police Association). TMPA was adopted as the legal backing affiliate for the KPEA and has been written as such in its bylaws.

The KPEA is the police officers' association of choice for seventy-five percent of the workforce which makes up the Kyle Police Department of Kyle, TX.

The KPEA was formed with a vision of instilling a high level of morale for the department, creating a family orientated atmosphere for all employees, and bridging relations with the community to create a positive image for the department.

The KPEA is committed to the professionalism and integrity that citizens of Kyle deserve. The KPEA values the significance of the community and their support of the department. The KPEA is constantly researching new ways to give back to the community to include fundraisers, support, and educational programs.

With the continued efforts from members, both existing and new, the KPEA will ensure that the Kyle Police Department will be a desired venue of employment.

Tracy Vrana

Founding Member 

Kyle Law Enforcement Association

PO Box 1772

Kyle, Texas 78640

*The Kyle Law Enforcement Association is a 501 (c)(3) non profit through the United States Internal Revenue Service. Per IRS code and legal documentation on file, the correspondence address for related business is PO Box 1772, Kyle, Tx 78640.

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